Weekend work that doesn't feel like work

Hobbies are super important, not only for builders. What we do outside of work often attributes to how we perform at work - helping to properly remove/distract us from work means we come back more refreshed. Also, what we learn through our hobbies we can often transfer to every day work situations.

Hobbies help you:

-Relieve stress by keeping you engaged in something you enjoy.

-Become more patient. There is generally going to be a learning period with a hobbies, and you will need to be patient to build your skills.

-Increase self esteem and confidence. The chances are, if you really enjoy an activity you're going to be pretty good at it. A little ego rub can go a long way!

Having a side project, something to tinker with or concentrate on is something that is factored into Eye for Detail's culture.

The latest piece I've been working on is this magnet knife block pictured below. What seems like a simple project "just cut up a piece of wood and stick magnets on the back", can actually prove to be more complicated if you want to do a good job! I wanted to make a knife block that didn't have metal on the face, as i feel it's to rough on the knives as they snap to the magnet.


Eucalyptus magnet knife block with brass screws. Max 7 knives

Finding the right size drill bit was an ordeal in itself. Once you go over 14mm in New Zealand, the bits become stronger, more specialised, and one bit is the same price as an entire set of smaller ones! But that's part and parcel with hobbies, and you need the right tool for the job!

Using a drill press meant i could more accurately punch all the holes for the round magnets, and to the exact same depth so that the magnet strength was consistent along the entire board.

The block turned out pretty well, and have definitely got some improvements in mind for the next one!